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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Much more than an olive oil brand, Argolio symbolizes generational aspiration, parental sacrifice, time-honored tradition, hopes, dreams, love, passion, community, connection, integrity and the soul of a family that believes in its product and each other.

With the wisdom of three generations of olive oil production

along with a dedication and belief in the product you can taste, we have produced an exceptional extra virgin olive oil.


Our traditional wisdom, coupled with the latest innovations and best practice extra virgin olive oil production is based on scientific research from all over the world.

Our commitment to the best cultivation and manufacturing practices means we can be sure of a superior product.

Together with our dedication to high quality

Argolio also promotes the Mediterranean diet and champions’ sustainable development.

We follow traditional methods and procedures from days gone by, always seeking to implement them in a more efficient and agronomically-friendly manner.

"Respect the trees, look after them and they will richly reward you with their fruits"

Producing the Argolio is an honor, but above all a great responsibility. We are guided by our passion for pure extra virgin olive oil and a desire to marry centuries old traditions of olive oil production with 21st century technology to create a premium product.  

We combine tradition with cutting edge technology to produce an olive oil that is exceptional in both taste and quality. The experience of older generations guided us, and youthful passion motivated us to start a challenging, painstaking procedure to take full advantage of what nature gave us.


Manaki Variety


Koroneiki Variety

It all began in a rocky, mountainous area covered with olive trees that are hundreds of years old.

Throughout our journey, we kept in mind the advice of our grandfathers “to respect the trees, look after them, and they will richly reward you with their fruits.”

The best quality olive oil with all of olive oil’s health benefits is our ultimate reward.

The Manaki olive variety

Manaki olive oil has its noble origins in the heart of Argolis, a region east of the Peloponnese in Greece.  The olives used for the making of this olive oil are rich, green and fruity, typical of an early harvest.

Its aromatic complexity is high with hints of citrus, flowers, herbs and tomato leaves. Slightly bitter and pungent, her mouth is pleasant and smooth. Its distinguished sweetness,its rich taste and soft texture offer an excellent flavor in cooking use.

This rich and perfectly balanced Greek olive oil will be used cold and cooking, while bringing color to your plate!

It accompanies ideally fresh salad, grilled vegetables, fish, chicken, tasting with bread or with fresh vegetables!

This variety also matures slowly and the best time for harvesting is from end of September till beginning of January. The fruit has average dimensions with an oval shape. The taste of olive oil that comes from this fruits is softer.

Extremely tasteful is the best choice for salads and has fanatic friends. Manaki is the basic variety of northeastern Peloponnese.

High Phenolic Olive Oils are those Olive Oils that contain a high percentage of phenolic compounds, called polyphenols which are directly related to the health benefits of olive oil.

According to the EU Health Claim Labeling Regulation (432/2012), the claim may be used only for olive oil which contains at least 5mg of hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives (e.g. oleuropein complex and tyrosol) per 20g of olive oil.

The beneficial effect for the consumers is obtained with a daily intake of 20g of olive oil (2tbs). This daily intake of high phenolic olive oil contributes to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.

The Process

Everything is held in the traditional way. We follow a simple and pure extraction procedure without artificial coherent in accordance to sustainability laws.



Rich soil, natural drainage, calm winters, sunshine, enough airing in a pollution free environment. Everything is done as tradition requires and as today’s experts suggest.


The harvest begins at fall when the olives are green, just before they turn purple. It is the time when all the aromas, the flavors and the nutrients are in their peak. The olives are hand picked one by one in order to get full protection and transferred immediately to the oil press in plastic boxes for the oil extraction.


The extra virginity of our olive oil is obtained by cold extraction when the olives are squeezed, crust and spunned in the centrifugation in just 30 minutes time thus keeping their flavors and maintaining their polyphenols and very low acidity.

Location of Argolio Olive Groves

The area is popular for its olive groves, which we work hard to maintain, improve and safeguard through the difficult and ever changing climate conditions.

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From Farm to Table

Knowing where your food comes from. In this informative session, we will walk you through the olive oil lifecycle within the farm-to-table concept, explain the health benefits, the characteristics of our variety, the food pairings and we will debunk popular myths about olive oil!


Argolio Olive Oil Tasting

In this session you will learn about the basic principles of olive oil tasting and sensory analysis, taste rare Greek varieties, understand how to identify positive attributes and defects in olive oil, learn how to select, store and enjoy olive oil in your daily food pairings.

Experiencing an olive oil tasting will definitely change your life!